Vienna Talk 2015 on Music Acoustics
“Bridging the Gaps”     16–19 September 2015


List of Papers

Conference Keynote
Through the looking glass: From musical listening to acoustics  p. 1  (abstract)

Castellengo, Michèle

Brass wind instruments and their transient behaviour
Bridging the gaps in the harmonic series: Valves, slides and finger holes in brass instruments.  p. 2  (abstract)

Campbell, Murray

Simultaneous and in vivo measurements of control parameters used in trumpet performance  p. 3  (abstract)

Velut, Lionel; Vergez, Christophe; Gilbert, Joël and Sanchez, Patrick

Transients of the trumpet tone: Basic links between perception and measurements of lips opening area and pressure in player's mouth  pp. 4–7  (full paper)

Hruška, Viktor; Švejda, Martin and Guštar, Milan

Playing above and below the resonance: the changing relative phases of pressure, flow and trombonists’ lip motion  p. 8  (abstract)

Boutin, Henri; Smith, John and Wolfe, Joe

Experimental investigation of Doppler shift and infrasound generation during wave propagation within the bore of the Trombone during slide movement  pp. 9–14  (full paper)

Kemp, Jonathan; Lopez-Carromero, Amaya; Woolley, Alan and Campbell, Murray

Pitch shifts in wind instruments due to changes in air composition  pp. 15–20  (full paper)

Balasubramanian, Saranya and Kausel, Wilfried

Inharmonicity of a trumpet with a variable depth mouthpiece  p. 21  (abstract)

Tournemenne, Robin; Petiot, Jean-François and Gilbert, Joël

Nonlinear wave propagation
Non-linear sound propagation and spectral enrichment as a key to characterising brass instrument types  p. 22  (abstract)

Campbell, Murray; Gilbert, Joël; Myers, Arnold; Beauvais, Romain and Lopez-Carromero, Amaya

A simulation tool in time domain for brassiness studies  p. 23  (abstract)

Maugeais, Sylvain and Gilbert, Joël

Wall vibrations and air columns
Analysis of the acoustic input impedance of a vibrating trombone bell  p. 24  (abstract)

Secail-Geraud, Mathieu; Gautier, François; Gilbert, Joël and Hoekje, Peter

Coupling between wall vibrations and the air column in brass wind instruments: a comparison between theoretical predictions and experimental results  pp. 25–29  (full paper)

Moore, Thomas; Gorman, Britta; Rokni, Michelle; Kausel, Wilfried and Chatziioannou, Vasileios

Does an experienced recorder player start notes differently than a novice player?  p. 30  (abstract)

Ernoult, Augustin and Fabre, Benoît

An acoustical analysis of waveline flute tube joints  pp. 31–34  (full paper)

Lind, Michael and Mayer, Alexander

LBM Simulation of the quasi-static flow in a clarinet  pp. 35–42  (full paper)

Shi, Yong; Da Silva, Andrey and Scavone, Gary

Analytical model of the transition between cylinder and conical tubes  p. 43  (abstract)

Kergomard, Jean; Lefebvre, Antoine and Scavone, Gary

Periodic and quasi-periodic regimes of an alto saxophone according to the control parameters and the bore inharmonicity  p. 44  (abstract)

Doc, Jean-Baptiste and Vergez, Christophe

Comparison between the measured and played intonation on four e-flat clarinets in the altissimo register  pp. 45–51  (full paper)

Gangl, Manuel and Hofmann, Alex

Improving a G-high clarinet using measurement data and electronic circuit analysis program  pp. 52–58  (full paper)

Schueller, Fritz and Poldy, Carl

Influence of the truncation length of the oboe cone on the reed closing time  pp. 59–63  (full paper)

Carral, Sandra and Chatziioannou, Vasileios

Parameter ranges for artificial bassoon playing  pp. 64–69  (full paper)

Grothe, Timo

Questionnaire: Satisfaction on the E-flat clarinet  p. 70  (abstract)

Gangl, Manuel

Influence of mouthpiece geometry on saxophone playing  pp. 71–77  (full paper)

Carral, Sandra and Lorenzoni, Valerio

Software simulation of the tone-hole lattice in Clarinet-like systems  pp. 78–85  (full paper)

Schueller, Fritz and Poldy, Carl

Comparison of mouthpiece pressure signal and reed bending signal on clarinet and saxophone  p. 86  (abstract)

Hofmann, Alex and Reuter, Christoph

Early brass music and instruments
From Mersenne to Robartes: The trumpet, the trumpet marine, and the discovery of the harmonic series  p. 87  (abstract)

Carter, Stewart

The on-going quest for trumpet mute pitch-alteration: An acoustical analysis of three historic trumpet mutes at the National Music Museum  pp. 88–91  (full paper)

Klaus, Sabine and Pyle, Robert

Transposing Mutes for Trumpets  pp. 92–95  (full paper)

Stradner, Gerhard

Refining the narrative of Anton Weidinger’s prototype keyed trumpet  p. 96  (abstract)

Proksch, Bryan

The late keyed trumpet  p. 97  (abstract)

V. Steiger, Adrian

Šedifon (Schediphone): Case study on a rare brass instrument  pp. 98–102  (full paper)

Hruška, Viktor and Berdychová, Tereza

Preservation of historic instruments
Humidity in brass instruments and the prevention of corrosion  p. 103  (abstract)

Ledergerber, Martin; Alter, Marion; Cornet, Emilie and Hildbrand, Erwin

Characterisation and documentation of instruments
To know, to remember, to preserve: documenting objects and sites related to sound production  p. 104  (abstract)

Bastos, Patricia Lopes

In search of the remaining elements of Sébastien Érard and Gabriel Joseph Grenié’s organs, first expressive organs built in France  p. 105  (abstract)

Maniguet, Thierry

Victor-Charles Mahillon and his anti-cornet strategy  p. 106  (abstract)

Dumoulin, Géry

Modal analysis of violoncello tailpieces – copies derived from 3 tailpieces ascribed to Stradivari.  pp. 107–113  (full paper)

Houssay, Anne and Fouilhé, Eric

Violin projection: perceptual and semantic analyses  p. 114  (abstract)

Fritz, Claudia and Dubois, Danièle

Measurements on historic pianos  p. 115  (abstract)

Chaigne, Antoine and Hecher, Gert

Period instruments revival with Pianoteq KIViR project  p. 116  (abstract)

Chabassier, Juliette; Guillaume, Philippe and Pommier, Julien

Brasswind engineering: Some practical observations  p. 117  (abstract)

Vereecke, Hannes

Single note instruments
Single note instruments – from spectra to performance  p. 118  (abstract)

Amir, Noam

Methods for exciting wine glasses by coupling to plucked strings - theory and experiment  p. 119  (abstract)

Arbel, Lior; Schechner, Yoav and Amir, Noam

The etiology of chatter in the Himalayan singing bowl   pp. 120–123  (full paper)

Collin, Samantha; Keefer, Chloe and Moore, Thomas

Numerical methods
Modeling string boundary conditions and string coupling in lute instruments  p. 124  (abstract)

Pfeifle, Florian

Time-domain simulations of a ten-string Brazilian guitar  p. 125  (abstract)

Paiva, Guilherme; Gautier, François; Ablitzer, Frédéric and Santos, José Maria C.

Investigation of tanpura string vibrations using a two-dimensional time-domain model incorporating coupling and bridge friction  pp. 126–131  (full paper)

Bridges, Jamie and Van Walstijn, Maarten

Physically-based dynamic morphing of beam sounds  p. 132  (abstract)

Hélie, Thomas and Matignon, Denis

Role of modal approach for sound synthesis of nonlinear systems: the case of plates  p. 133  (abstract)

Ducceschi, Michele and Touzé, Cyril

Physical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Human Phonation  p. 134  (abstract)

Kaltenbacher, Manfred; Zörner, Stedan; Hüppe, Andreas and Sidlof, Petr

Discrete-time conserved quantities for damped oscillators  pp. 135–139  (full paper)

Chatziioannou, Vasileios and Van Walstijn, Maarten

Exploring the decay properties of guitar sounds from mobility measurements  p. 140  (abstract)

David, Bertrand; Gautier, François and Curtit, Marthe

Connected musicians – Examples of new supportive technologies for musicians` performance analysis and daily routine  pp. 141–145  (full paper)

Großhauser, Tobias; Bannach, D.; Calatroni, A. and Tröster, G.

Hearing protection for musicians  p. 146  (abstract)

Rois-Merz, Esther

The role of biomechanics and neuromechanics in dynamic performance: A practical integration for musicians   p. 147  (abstract)

Friberg, Robert and Hunsaker, Leigh Anne

Experimental methods
Using a dual electronic speckle-pattern interferometer to study coupled vibrations in drumheads  pp. 148–152  (full paper)

Worland, Randy and Boe, Benjamin

Interferometric studies of the Brazilian Cuíca  pp. 153–157  (full paper)

Statsenko, Tatiana; Chatziioannou, Vasileios and Kausel, Wilfried

Microphone array methods for musical acoustics  p. 158  (abstract)

Bader, Rolf

Emergence of inharmonic components in classical guitar sounds  p. 159  (abstract)

Fréour, Vincent; Gautier, François; David, Bertrand and Curtit, Marthe

Cello bowing pendulum  p. 160  (abstract)

Mores, Robert

Microphone array measurements of the grand piano  p. 161  (abstract)

Plath, Niko; Pfeifle, Florian; Koehn, Christian and Bader, Rolf

Investigating chime bar vibrations using high-speed stereophotogrammetry  pp. 162–165  (full paper)

Grothe, Timo and Barth, Rainer

Steady state sound production and investigations on classic guitars  p. 166  (abstract)

Schmücker, Hellmut

An automatic acquisition system for measuring the directional characteristic of musical instruments  pp. 167–172  (full paper)

Lahmer, Martin and Mayer, Alexander

Free reed instruments
Reed chamber resonances in free reed instruments: Problems and possibilities  p. 173  (abstract)

Cottingham, James

Bionic pitch benders for free reed instruments  p. 174  (abstract)

Granzow, John; Rossing, Thomas and Egbert, Peter

Experimental study of the sound produced from a concert accordion  p. 175  (abstract)

Elejalde Garcia, Maria Jesus; Macho Stadler, Erica; Llanos Vazquez, Ricardo and Agos Esparza, Asier

Experimental study of free reed initial transients  p. 176  (abstract)

Cottingham, James and Wolff, Daniel

Piano modelling
Piano hammer-string contact duration: How the bass hammer is released from the string  pp. 177–180  (full paper)

Stulov, Anatoli

Energy based simulation of a Timoshenko beam in non-forced rotation. Influence of the piano hammer shank flexibility on the sound.  p. 181  (abstract)

Chabassier, Juliette and Duruflé, Marc

Double polarisation in nonlinear vibrating piano strings  pp. 182–187  (full paper)

Tan, Jin Jack; Touzé, Cyril and Cotte, Benjamin

Comparisons between measured and predicted vibroacoustics characteristics of an upright piano soundboard  p. 188  (abstract)

Trévisan, Benjamin; Margerit, Pierre; Ege, Kerem and Laulagnet, Bernard

Energy analysis of structural changes in pianos  pp. 189–196  (full paper)

Chaigne, Antoine; Chabassier, Juliette and Duruflé, Marc

Designing on subjective tolerance to approximated piano reproductions  pp. 197–204  (full paper)

Fontana, Federico; Zambon, Stefano and De Pra, Yuri

Gesture and communication in music performance
Performance space: The spotlight and its implications for performance psychology  p. 205  (abstract)

Williamon, Aaron

Rhythm perception in the context of music and dance  p. 206  (abstract)

Su, Yi-Huang

Enabling synchronization: Auditory and visual modes of communication during ensemble performance  p. 207  (abstract)

Bishop, Laura and Goebl, Werner

Perceptual relevance of asynchrony between orchestral instrument groups in two concert halls  pp. 208–214  (full paper)

Tahvanainen, Henna; Haapaniemi, Aki; Pätynen, Jukka and Lokki, Tapio

Playing slow in reverberant rooms – Examination of a common concept based on empirical data  pp. 215–219  (full paper)

Schärer Kalkandjiev, Zora and Weinzierl, Stefan

Flexible score following: The Piano Music Companion and beyond  pp. 220–223  (full paper)

Arzt, Andreas; Goebl, Werner and Widmer, Gerhard

Real-time estimation of instrument controls with marker based IR cameras.  p. 224  (abstract)

Perez-Carrillo, Alfonso and Wanderley, Marcelo

Piezoelectric film sensors facilitate simultaneous measurement of bowing parameters and bridge vibrations during violin playing  p. 225  (abstract)

Gidion, Gunnar and Gerhard, Reimund

Towards Bridging the Gap in a Musical Live Performance  p. 226  (abstract)

Hödl, Oliver; Kayali, Fares; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine and Holland, Simon

TappingFriend – an interactive science exhibit for experiencing synchronicity with real and artificial partners  pp. 227–230  (full paper)

Goebl, Werner and Guggenberger, Dominikus

Timbre perception
Roughness of violin tones - the perception of irregularities  pp. 231–236  (full paper)

Otčenášek, Zdeněk and Otčenášek, Jan

Towards the comparability and generality of timbre space studies  pp. 237–240  (full paper)

Siddiq, Saleh; Reuter, Christoph; Czedik-Eysenberg, Isabella and Knauf, Denis

Modelling similarity perception of short music excerpts  p. 241  (abstract)

Müllensiefen, Daniel

Comparing recorded and simulated musical instrument sounds: perspectives for a perceptual evaluation  p. 242  (abstract)

Osses V., Alejandro and Kohlrausch, Armin

Investigating the colloquial description of sound by musicians and non-musicians  p. 243  (abstract)

Dostal, Jack

Pre-assembly violin auralization—listening to plate-tuning trends and to fine model-adjustments  p. 244  (abstract)

Mores, Robert

Biomechanics workshop
Part I. Interactive session: Improving dynamic posture for musical performance  p. 245  (abstract)

Friberg, Robert and Hunsaker, Leigh Anne

Part II. Individualized programs for continuing improvement  p. 246  (abstract)

Friberg, Robert and Hunsaker, Leigh Anne

Voice and auralization
Auralization for musicians and instrument makers as a tool for evaluating a musical instrument  pp. 247–251  (full paper)

Boucher, Matthew; Pelegrin Garcia, David and Desmet, Wim

Organ acoustics
Study on the influence of acoustics on organ playing using room enhancement  pp. 252–258  (full paper)

Amengual Garí, Sebastià V.; Lachenmayr, Winfried and Kob, Malte

Coupled organ pipes and synchronization – Numerical investigations and methods  p. 259  (abstract)

Fischer, Jost and Bader, Rolf

Inton – a system for in-situ measurement of the pipe organ  pp. 260–264  (full paper)

Guštar, Milan and Otčenášek, Zdeněk

The influence of nicks on the sound properties and the airflow in front of flue organ pipe  pp. 265–270  (full paper)

Otčenášek, Zdeněk; Hruška, Viktor; Moravec, Ondřej and Švejda, Martin

Physical modeling tools for musical instruments
Digital guitar workshop – A physical modeling software for instrument builders  p. 271  (abstract)

Bader, Rolf; Richter, Jan; Münster, Malte and Pfeifle, Florian

Real-time physical modeling of large instrument geometries using coupled FPGAs  p. 272  (abstract)

Pfeifle, Florian

Feasibility analysis of real-time physical modeling using WaveCore processor technology on FPGA  pp. 273–280  (full paper)

Verstraelen, Math; Pfeifle, Florian and Bader, Rolf

Software simulation of clarinet reed vibrations  pp. 281–286  (full paper)

Schueller, Fritz and Poldy, Carl

Audio signal processing
Spatial manipulation of musical sound: Informed source separation and respatialization  p. 287  (abstract)

Marchand, Sylvain

Modeling the spectrum structure within the NMF framework. Application to inharmonic sounds  p. 288  (abstract)

David, Bertrand; Rigaud, Francois and Daudet, Laurent

Towards realistic and natural synthesis of musical performances: Performer, instrument and sound modeling  pp. 289–294  (full paper)

Perez-Carrillo, Alfonso

A comparison of single-reed and bowed-string excitations of a hybrid wind instrument  pp. 295–301  (full paper)

Buys, Kurijn; Sharp, David and Laney, Robin

Automatic music transcription using spectrogram factorization methods  p. 302  (abstract)

Benetos, Emmanouil

Steady state sound production and investigations on classical guitars  pp. 303–309  (full paper)

Schmücker, Hellmut

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