Vienna Talk 2015 on Music Acoustics
“Bridging the Gaps”     16–19 September 2015


Piezoelectric film sensors facilitate simultaneous measurement of bowing parameters and bridge vibrations during violin playing

Gidion, Gunnar and Gerhard, Reimund 

Proceedings of the Third Vienna Talk on Music Acoustics (2015), p. 225


In violin playing, an important part of the interaction between the player and the instrument is mediated by the bow. The bridge, on the other hand, transfers the bowed-string vibrations to the violin body. For the present investigations, both the action of the bow and the bridge are detected by thin polymer-film sensors with piezoelectric properties. By combining this technology with conventional acoustic and optical means of detection, aspects and measures of playability (especially the minimum bow force) can be referred to the respective bridge and body vibrations. Results are discussed in terms of the theoretical framework of Woodhouse and in comparison to the experimental work of Schoonderwaldt and Demoucron.


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  • Violin acoustics
  • Acoustic transducers
  • Playability

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